Chief Designer

Paul is an award-winning vehicle design expert who was working at McLaren for the last several years. His experience includes working on McLarens Hybrid P1 supercar and the record-breaking, Lemans winning F1 Roadcar. He was also Chief designer of the Indy 500 winning G-Force GF05. In the past he was awarded the Louis Schwitzer prize by the SAE of America for the Innovative design of the GF05. He was a member of the World Championship winning Brabham F1 design team, member of the design team of the innovative and trendsetting Allard J2X sportscar and race engineered pole position and wins in Indycar racing. He brings a wealth of experience and is now settled in his office on-site with us at the production facility here in the UK.


Driverless Architecture

Ishan is a PHD in Artificially Intelligence for Driverless Systems, he spent 4 years at Aberystwyth University working on new ways for diverless cars to be able to drive on unmarked roads. He creates the software stack which sits between the NVIDIA hardware, our sensors and the Driving Algorithms we use, allowing the  vehicle to be able to better navigate in residential areas.



A serial entrepreneur with 13 years experience in building and selling tech start-ups. William has exited his last three companies: the latest, MyCityVenue, was acquired by Secret Escapes in 2015 after which he went to study artificial intelligence and robotics. While at university, William was credited with created the worlds first Artificially intelligent robot librarian. As an inventor-entrepreneur he devised several patents on driverless vehicle technology, including drone delivery systems such as SkyHighway. After nearly two years at Aberystwyth University and then finishing off his training with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute, William built a team of engineers and scientists to found the Academy of Robotics. William is considered one of the leaders of the UK autonomous car space with regular appearances on TV, press and government panels as an industry expert.


Managing Director

Paul has been in the car space for over 20 years. He oversees all operations including managing a team of mechanics, engineers and technicians at Pilgrim Motorsports, our project partner. When a new car is produced, its often not the end of the road, all vehicles must be certified and go through an Individual Vehicle Assessment (IVA) before the vehicle becomes a street legal vehicle. Paul ensures this process happens smoothly and that we are compliant with all standards. He is the bridge between partners, third party suppliers and our automation team.


Lead Scientist

Elio Tuci the lead scientist at the Academy of Robotics. He is also a Senior in the Department of Computer Science, at Middlesex University (UK). From September 2010 to September 2016, he has been a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, at Aberystwyth University (UK). In 2003, he received a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.His research interests fall into the interdisciplinary domain of bio-inspired robotics and computational intelligence. His research aims to engineer autonomous adaptive systems by designing control mechanisms underpinning complex behavioural, social, cognitive, and communication capabilities. He also designs computational and robotics models of complex behavioural and cognitive skills to generate new and alternative hypotheses concerning the operational principles of cognition and learning in natural organisms. Dr Tuci has co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and 4 book chapters.



Our senior advisor. Founder at Whitespace Ventures, a London venture capital firm and a mentor at Microsoft Ventures, Nick has turned around the fortunes of numerous companies over the past 15 years. Nick serves as a member of our Board of Advisors. Nick is also currently CEO of the airline, Waves Technologies. Nick is a founding Board Member of Kar-go and helps ensure our long terms business plans align with the direction the company needs to go to continue to secure funding and get the righ corporate and commercial partners.


Embedded Systems Engineer

Paul has been working with robots for nearly a decade. His experience includes having worked on advanced precision systems such as medical robotics and engineered systems for the government's aerospace department. He brings a wealth of experience in creating safety critical systems and embedded architechure. Paul is currently working on our robotics systems and makes sure that there is seamless integration between the vehicle, its control system and the mechatronics behind the vehicle being able to swap packages autonomously while on the move and then perform an autonomous home delivery.



Pictured with Dr Narayan, Biswaroop Khatua (Vision Developer and Data Management), Satyajit Lenka (A.I, Neural network training and Annotation), Brijesh Kumar (Mapping, Front-End and Annotation), Pammi Kumari (Annotation). These are some of our Senior Data Annotators who work from India. We use a combination of human data labellers and machine learning algorithms to sort through raw, unlabeled streams and then return scalable datasets. In simply words, they teach the machines how to see the world by first marking and describing to them what they are looking at.



Expert at making corporate connections, Jill’s experience includes being a PR Manager at Yahoo and Head of PR for Expedia & WorldRemit. Jill brings a wealth of experience and has so far landed us features in ITV, Financial Times, Reuters, BBC Worldwide and many other publications. Jill works with the team to help us get into all the right places including conferences and investor events across Europe.



Graduated with a Masters in creative writing from Aberystwyth University, Aaron’s expertise is in making complex technical papers easy to understand. Aaron and his team wrote an entire internal wiki with hundreds of pages on every line of code that makes up Kar-go OS , how it works and how to use it. Aaron understands processes and has become our instrumental in creating all our project plans and co-ordinating road trials with partners.



Started his career working as a junior developer and annotator for Kar-go. Over the years, he developed a strong understanding of vision systems associated with autonomous driving. Today, he has expert knowledge on our process flow, safety practises in handling mass data, management, building and training of A.I models and full-stack integration.